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We are passionate about Japan and believe you can only appreciate its rich culture and heritage if you experience it from a local perspective.

Amerika-Mura the Trendy Japanese Fashion District

Amerika-Mura the Trendy Japanese Fashion District

Amerika-mura or Ame-mura for short is a well known fashion district in Osaka. You can find many fashion orientations here. I will talk a little bit about different fashion styles in Japan. The fashion in this area is inspired by western and as the name might already tell American fashion. There are a lot of Japanese young hipsters gathering in this area, especially in the Triangle Park. This park is a main point of meetup for the youth and is surrounded by fashionable shops and bars, some of which are ran by foreigners. I hope I can get a few sneak peaks into the shops, and there are many clothes displayed outside on the street too. The shops here are selling not just clothing, but also a lot of pop culture items, that I want to explore together with you. In this area you can also find a small replica of the Statue of Liberty which suggest the spirit of this area. Most youth who enjoy this fashion and hanging out in here are rebelling against the norms of Japanese society, another topic that we will discuss during the tour. Come and be a rebel pebble in Ame-mura. ★Thanks to your support, we can keep doing these livestream tours from all around Japan!★ PayPal Donation: Revolut Donation: Buy me a coffee: Private Tour: Patreon: ★For more of my tours please also check:★
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