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About Japan Localized

We are passionate about Japan and believe you can only appreciate its rich culture and heritage if you experience it from a local perspective.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide travellers and visitors with a local and unique perspective of Japan and its diverse cities.

To accomplish this mission, Japan Localized are:

Operating Free Walking Tours in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima, where visitors can explore the rich history, culture, cuisine, art and heritage like a local.

​Operating unique & private tours to provide a more personal and intimate experience. All tour guides are natives to the cities they are hosting tours in.

​Using Social Media channels to promote tourist activities and share important information about Japan.

Offering Tour Guide Training and Consultancy services.

About the Founder

Japan Localized was founded in 2017 by the passionate traveller, Dai.

After 12 years in financial services as a finance marketer, Dai redirected his passion for Japan and skill in marketing to the tourism industry.

Having travelled around the world extensively, Dai would see the same generic experiences offered to visitors and tourists - it occured to him that there must be a better way to really explore a new place. This inspired Dai to start offering walking tours in his native Tokyo where he would reveal the hidden gems of the city - offering a unique and personal experience not found in guidebooks or on the internet.

This was the start of the guiding principal of Japan Localized - through personalised tours offered by people who live in Japan he wants to change the way we visit, explore and experience this remarkable country and its diverse cities.

Japan Localized FAQs

Where can I book the tour?

You cannot book the tours through Japan Localized. You can view the walking tours we offer on our Free Walking Tours page.

I want to collaborate with Japan Localized to promote our services.

Send us message via contact form below.

Besides the tour guide, is there are job opportunities?

Yes we do! Please send message via contact from below.

Contact Japan Localized

For more information or to enquire about our marketing and consultancy services please contact us using for the form below.

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